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Small drawer pull reproduced Cast? 3D printed?....
I need to replace 4 missing drawer pulls for an antique cabinet. See picture attached. The original is made from brass but as long as the reproduction is strong enough to function as a drawer pull and can be colored to match the original, the material isn't important.

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Hi Peter. Rather than try to sculpt it by hand, or 3d model it (i.e. a bit more time consuming to fully replicate it) ... the digifab shop at Artisan's Asylum has a 3D laser scanner that could take this in and generate a digital model that could then be fabricated in a few different paths. Probably easiest to 3D print it. The 3D print could be replaced with a metal version at a future date as needed, once the casting shop is available again.

This is probably a few hours of work from start to finish, plus the time to print per part, then post-process and paint each one. Casting in metal at a later date would be hours of work, but depending on the furniture, perhaps worth it.

Reach out directly to me if interested. I can get you an estimate.

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