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Plasma Cutting Stainless steel
Hey — I'm wondering if anyone can plasma-cut stainless steel for me. I have a few pieces with names and hole layouts that I would like to have cut out. Here's where I'm at with the project so far:

Project Name: Firepit
Budget: ???
Time frame: 1 month

I already have the material and a file ready to go.

Project Description:

I want to make a firepit with different family names cut into the sides of stainless steel. I have 2 4’ square pieces of ⅛” stainless steel. Once these are cut out I am planning on welding the pieces into an octagon, which I will do at my own shop.

I'm wondering if there's someone at Artisan's Asylum who can do this kind of thing!

I have no idea what this kind of work would cost, so I've not included any budget numbers. I can supply the plate steel, but I don't know what thicknesses the plasma cutter can handle either. Basically I just need to have a conversation with someone who knows how to use this tool!

Thanks in advance,
Jake Gordon

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