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Bandsaw/woodworking assistance?
Hello makers!

Project Name: Curiosity cabinet/miniature theater
Budget: Flexible
Time frame: Not urgent but am sort of trying to finish by Christmas
Relevant Shops: Any woodworkers
Do you have design files (illustrator files, solidworks, etc) ready to go?: I have paper templates I've designed myself
Will you be providing your own materials or will you need materials provided for you. I will provide the necessary lumber
Project Description and Other Comments

I'm working on turning a quarter size cello I found in the trash into a sort of curiosity cabinet/miniature theater. I've tried cutting the pieces myself with a coping saw but it's just way too time consuming and inaccurate. I have paper templates made up for all of the pieces I need and I think think this wouldn't take more than a couple of hours (but I trust your judgement). Looking forward to hopefully chatting with you about this project!

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