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Build wooden chess pieces for a wall chess set
I'm looking for a talented maker to build two sets of wooden chess pieces for a wall chess set.

I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount for your work and expertise. Payment could be for the entire project, for each phase or per hour, let's discuss.

Time frame:
I'm thinking 4 to 8 weeks for both phases, but I'm interested in your estimate. The first phase is to build a few prototype pieces and finalize the design together, the second phase is to build 2 sets of chess pieces.

Relevant Shops: Woodshop, possibly CNC, possibly laser cutter, possibly others

Do you have design files ready to go?
Yes, I have 3D models in various file formats and a 2D measurement file. Based on your input we can change the design to make the chess pieces better, more beautiful or easier to build.
Google Drive Link to design renderings and measurement file

Will you be providing your own materials or will you need materials provided for you:
I would ask you to recommend and source the wood needed.

If you're interested in building these chess pieces, please let me know how you think you would build them, if you foresee any problems building them and how you would quote your work. And of course, please let me know your questions.

I'm happy to jump on a call, video call or meet up in person in or near Boston.

This sounds like a project that would be within the abilities of the machines we have, but you should be aware that currently Artisans is shut down as we are in the process of moving from Somerville to Allston. 

We have encountered various delays in our build-out of the new locations, and it isn't clear just when we will be able to reopen, but it seems unlikely before around early June, 2022, for the part of our new campus that has the woodshop and most of our other larger shops. 

It may then be a while before many members are taking on many projects as those of us with studio spaces will be needing to be getting them set up and rearranged.

As a side effect of this, few if any people are currently monitoring the forums, so you might not get any responses other than this.

I believe that updates on our status will be made on our main website, and I would encourage you to keep an eye on them and get back in touch when we re-open, but until then there isn't a lot we can do to help you.

Hey Art, thank you for the explanation. I'll keep the thread up here and might repost it once the new location has opened. I hope the new location turns out great!

If anyone in here has access to another woodshop and would like to take on this project, please get in touch.

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