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Carpenter needed for SUV Drawer / Bed System

I am friends with 2 of the members of Asylum, and they recommended I post on this form to try to find what I'm looking for. I recently purchased a 1997 Toyota 4Runner, and am beginning the process of turning it into an adventure vehicle for next year. I came across a website that sells DIY 4runner bed/drawer system plans and got the whole system plan, the drawer / bed extension, and side cubbies.

I possibly could attempt to make this kind of thing myself, but I would rather find someone who is good at it and pay them to help make it. If you're interested please shoot me a text at 917-415-1959. I will provide all the parts needed as well as compensate for labor, but need someone who is able to make rounded cuts in wood (see website for reference) as well as either make handles for the drawers or cut holes for handles. Some tweaking to the bed extension plans will be needed as I'm planning on taking out the back seats of the car for a tiny bit more storage space.

Thank you!


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