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3d Print
I have a project I would like to have 3D printed. 
I have STL files ready to go. 
2 part print, both cylinders, the largest roughly 1.5" x 9.375"
I have a friend who has already printed one up but their printer had to make the larger cylinder in 2 pieces due to the smaller size of the printer. I would like to have that section made all in one piece, mainly for strength. If anyone is interested feel free to email ( and we could further discuss project, payment etc. I am local (work in Medford) and could also meet at the Asylum if needed.
Thanks much!
It looks like your models need some changes to be able to print well and to be able to fit together.

I'll wait for those changes sometime next week and do a test print at that time.
My downstairs condo neighbor is claiming he's allergic to thermoplastic and that my PLA prints are causing respiratory distress, so I'm going to have to put this project on hold until I either start working at the Asylum or figure out a way to get some ventilation made up.

(Or he dies from PLA.)
Send me an email with your STLs, happy to take a look. I currently have PLA colors: Black, Natura, translucent blue, trans green, brown (maybe small amounts of others)
I did a test-print of the threaded parts from your new revision and they screwed together well, so I'm doing a final print now.

Something like 18 hours print time because I'm printing very slowly to keep the printer noise down so my downstairs neighbor doesn't have a fit again.

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It was made!

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