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Woodwork to remake bakfiets box
I have a used bakfiets (cargo bike) that needs a replacement box. The old one is falling apart and I'd like to have a new one made. I initially bought some marine-grade plywood to do the job myself, but quickly realized I'm not fully qualified to replicate an existing piece. I'm looking for someone to lend their expertise in remaking an existing box given the size constraints. I'm happy to cut the pieces on our table saw at work. I don't have access to any routers or sanders, but can do the work in our space if you lend me the tool. [/color]Happy to give you the old box (and bike) for sizing until the job is complete.  If interested, please let me know approximately how long this may take and approx price. I understand that since AA has closed, no one is really taking jobs at the moment. I'm happy to have a discussion or chat over the phone to address any barriers to getting this done. Thanks!

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