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Public Announcement
Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well with all their packing and moving (whether that is to move to Allston or on to other adventures). I have some news that we're excited to share with you. There is a group of us (current and former A2 members) who have decided not to move to Allston and to build a new and much needed makerspace here in Somerville to fill the void that will be left by A2. You may have heard rumors about this endeavor over the past year, but until we better understood what we had to offer, we wanted to wait to reach out to everyone until we had something solid.

We wish A2 all the best in its new home in Boston, however Somerville remains a community that has expressed a strong desire to have it’s own makerspace, and we intend to meet that demand, as losing such a community focal point is not something we intend to let happen.  We’ve been working with Somernova to find a temporary space to use on their campus to meet the short-term emergency needs of members while we address the longer term plan. 

We are happy to announce that we have secured a small space at 19 Properzi Way, which is available for some limited “active” storage and a small co-working area, for 90 days. Our communal space is now set up with workbenches and some shared tools. During this interim period, we’re working with Somernova to move into a larger, long-term space and set up a fully functional makerspace, with the eventual goal to partner with them as they explore redevelopment opportunities for the campus. We are making this available to all, whether you want to stay in Somerville, or just need a temporary place to have some continuity of community until Artisan’s opens its doors in Allston.

Currently, we do not have an official name, but are using the working name of SomerMakes.  Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston (formerly, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Boston) is representing us to form this new Somerville nonprofit makerspace and file our MA articles of organization, so we’ll decide on a formal name very soon.

If you would like to pitch in, tool sharing is the most realistic way to do so, but for now, only in the form of smaller bench based tools. We already received our first major equipment donation - A GCC LaserPro Spirit LS  laser cutter. We’re working to get that up and running as soon as possible. Additionally, in true makerspace style, several members have offered shared use of their 3d printers. At the moment, we don’t have space for any larger machinery, but our more permanent home will have everything you’ve come to expect - and hopefully even more.

In terms of cost, Somernova is letting us use this temporary space for free because they’d like to support a makerspace remaining in Somerville, however we are charging a monthly $100 fee per 25sqft active storage with shared access, and if you just want to be a member and have access to our space and shared equipment and community, the interim fee is $25/mo. These fees are to help us with the costs associated with making a new organization, and starting to build the needed seed fund for things like insurance, utilities, supplies, etc as we move forward. 

In order to secure space in the new area, you’ll need to schedule a time for an initial on-site orientation where you'll be assigned a storage spot. After that you can use the space on your own. The open hours for now are Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm (with occasional events happening in the other half the space), but know that we’re working to expand this to include evenings and weekends, once we’re settled in.

If you’re interested in joining this effort or utilizing the space, please contact Ilana Krepchin directly at: and she can give you more details about membership and access.

We are looking forward to this new adventure!

Jacob LaRocca and Jason Kuehl
A2 Members- 8 Years

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