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Bike Lock Best Practices
I'm posting my original email here since the email threads got messed up and there is a ton of great ideas and good discussion happening. Hopefully everyone can continue the dialogue here! Generally useful information being shared, good to have for posterity 


Howdy Ye Clever Folk - 

Got a question I think this group would be well poised to answer. What is harder to cut through?

A) braided encased wire a la kryptonite (like this, near top of photo) 
B) or big chain link 

[Image: 0?ui=2&ik=3ceb5775ae&attid=0.1&permmsgid..._krcfmigt0]

I'm trying to secure my bikes outside on my porch. The porch is fairly removed from the street. I had two bikes locked together all winter, not anchored to anything, and it was fine. Lately there have been some bike thefts but to my knowledge all stolen bikes were unlocked entirely. 

Anywho just curious what is the harder to cut through, a vs b above. 


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