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Presenting: The Last Cruft Swap at 10 Tyler Street!

Dates: July 26 @10:00 AM - August 1 at 5:00PM
We’re all moving on to new places, and we all have a lot of cruft we’d like to pass on or dispose of Smile  We’re going to set up the social area into a 7-day cruft area. Anything placed in this area will be cruft. Anything left in this area after August 1st  will be tossed into the dumpster.

Previous cruft swaps included laptops, scooter wheels and bearings, high voltage AC servos and controllers, large LED matrix displays, hand tools, roombas, bicycles, light fixtures, a desktop lathe/mill, a key copier, LCD monitors, toolboxes, lasers, wicker mannequin busts, musical instruments, fabrics, spray paint, puzzles, chain, sheets of material, wire, PDAs, furniture, footballs, and so much more.

 We’ll be placing out large tables and marking areas where you can place larger items. There will be a dumpster parked at the loading dock for non-cruftable items as well.

If you have questions about if something can be crufted or general questions, please reach out to Jason, Andrew, or Mike.

AA is helping make this Cruft Swap happen, let's make sure, we can keep doing this at the new home!

Rules are below.

Social Area for cruft items
Studio space 108 for unwanted wood
Studio space 101 for E-waste/ fluorescent bulbs
Loading dock for Dumpster access for trash

The Rules

  • The moment you take ownership of cruft, it is now fully your responsibility. That means if you take that 70lb mechanical calculator from someone, and they leave conscience free, then it's your object to give away/trash.
  • AA has the discretion to dumpsterize, return or reject items at any time. Members are encouraged to scrutinize cruft candidates to make sure they may have value, and use the dumpster if they don't
  • The Dumpster is a one way trip. No one is to climb in and root around, for safety's sake.
  • Cruft takers MUST store items in their studios, pallets, shelves or outside the Asylum. No items taken as cruft may be stored in hallways or common areas, no exceptions.
  • Cruft donations must come only from within the Asylum - no outside contributions from members, no outside contributors.
  • Large items can be taken if they can be dumpsterized (see restrictions) or picked up by our metal recycler.

Restricted Items

  • Batteries will not be accepted as cruft. 

  • Batteries cannot be disposed of in the Dumpster. 

  • You can recycle batteries at most hardware stores and specialty battery stores (Ex, Batteries and Bulbs)
  • Chemicals will be accepted as cruft  ONLY IF if the crufter provides name and contact info. These items will be returned to the crufter for proper disposal if not taken by August 1 at 5:00

  • With the easing of COVID restrictions, towns offer free hazardous waste pickup days. Consult the rules for your town to dispose of unwanted chemicals
  • The following items will be accepted as E-Waste  ONLY IF if the crufter provides name and contact info, and pays the disposal fee listed. Fees can be paid by venmo to @ArtisansAsylum. Enter “Ewaste” under “What’s it for?”

  • TVs of any size: $25 each

  • CRT equipment $20 each

Dumpster Rules

[Image: iE6FwTu9LMuJ5eLQH-lYWi33mQ0XMJH4_GPV6cp8...PTIBCjCz94]


[Image: d09urmjVtNLkibFtzj_umXrwfWK2hMHKbVqNjWAk...tPUSGWeRnD]

Big thanks to Jason Keuhl, Andrew Anselmo and Mike Beach for their help pulling this together!

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