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School project help needed
Good day

I hope you're well.
My name is Val, 

I am currently a college student looking for some help with a project i messed up quite badly on. 

I wanted to design a stool I thought could connect with screws but order the wrong steel which is non-refundable, and now I need to weld together a few 1/2" x 1/2" steel tubes (24" long each) to create 48" ling tubes but i don't have any welding experience. This mistake was largely due to me being an international student with slight confusion about the imperial system. I would really appreciate any help or guidance possible

Heart Heart Heart
While it can be done, welding tubes together to make them longer is not a really good idea, especially if they are going to be load-bearing, which it sounds like what you are wanting. "Welding across a stress line" is generally BAD practice as the metal next to the weld will be weakened by the heat...

It is also very likely that the amount of work and effort needed to do this will be much more than the cost throwing what you have out (or finding another project to use it on) and purchasing new in the right length.


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