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Patent Pro-Bono Patent Attorney program for Inventors of Arts & Business Council
For inventors, please be aware that the Boston Arts & Business Council (ABC) offers a Patent Pro Bono program to connect inventors to patent attorneys who routinely allocate a fraction of their time for Pro Bono services. The ABC serves as connector between inventors and patent attorneys in this market. There are ABC guidelines for the eligibility of inventors so not every inventor will qualify but it is free patent advice, claims iterations and prosecution for those who qualify so it is worth checking into

My personal experience with this program was excellent. I signed a free-to-me contract with an expensive Boston patent attorney and then met with him/them several times in their Boston offices (pre CV19). The expertise of the attorney is matched to the subject matter field of your invention and in my case was very helpful in discussions over what parts of my invention were and were not patentable. In the end we iterated my claims several times.

Overall, the experience was extremely positive for obtaining not only free otherwise expensive legal advice but also the free even more expensive commitment to fully prosecute the patent as well.

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