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Arduino for PID speed control for 2 electric motors
Let there be two small even tiny electric 3-7V DC battery powered motors separately mounted any way convenient by the builder (suggestion below, but any otherĀ easier, lowest cost, least time to set up totally ok)
[Image: 2motorstand0.png]
Sought is a remote speedĀ control hand held hardware dashboard (no software dashboards) behind/under which is an Arduino implementing PID control for these motor speeds. Needed are RPM sensors (optical bluetooth fixing optical tape to payloads?? or magnetic hall effect sensors fixing small magnet to spinning payloads?? but signals must be wireless to handheld, or whatever builder decides is easiest, lowest cost, least time to set up) to act as measured values to be compared with target speeds where PID Control means the first differences (P), cumulative differences (I), and second differences (D) respectively are calculated/manipulated by simple code in the Arduino. Typical speeds reached I don't know yet but up to 2000 rpm should be sufficient.

As far as hardware dashboard, I am thinking in terms of standard 'electronics box' for sale in electronics shops with a bunch of digital displays for RPMs (target speed, measured speed, on/off/polarity toggle ... for two motors, then display of a number of arbitrary functions of the motor speeds on handheld also. Complete list of dashboard face items further discussed with interested builders

Can any builders take this on? if so delivery by what date?

I am new to this posting board so I do not know how responses are usually handled, so please let me know your expectations in your reply so I can make sure to fulfill them as you expect!

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