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Looking for welding of wheeled machine base

I have a new (to me) cabinet style table saw that I would like to have a wheeled base made up for. My thought / design is a welded square of angle steel, with retractable casters screwed / welded to two opposite sides. The tool's footprint is 21 1/2" square and it weighs about 300 LBS. I have a set of four heavy-duty flip-up style casters (same style as these from Rockler

My original thought was to have two 22" pieces of 90 degree angle steel with one side six inches tall and the "bottom" 2 inches wide, and another pair of 22" pieces of angle steel with both sides 2" on a side. The tall sides would allow for attachment of the wheels (either welded or via screws). The four pieces of steel would be miter cut so that they would sit flat on the floor and the saw would sit flat on top of the "bottom" sides.

I've spoken with Metal Supermarket in Woburn and found that the only 6" side angle that they offer is 1/2" thick which is way too big. They closest they  offer is a 4" x 3" angle at 1/4" thick which is more reasonable. They do have 1/4" thick 2" x 2" angle.

So I can provide 1/4" thick stock, or I can purchase something from you. I think that even 1/8" thick stock would do the trick.  I can cut the bevels in the stock, or leave that up to you. I can drill and tap for mounting the caster plates, or have you weld them.

What I can't do is weld the angles together. That's where I would like to hire someone for all or part of the job.

Please let me know you would charge for this project.  My timing is fairly flexible, but I'd like to get it done in the next couple of weeks.  I'm in Somerville and I'm available to meet and / or discuss.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance.


I'm replying to my own post.

I found a good welder / fabricator in Woburn, and he put together exactly what I needed for a reasonable price.

His name is Dave Blakney and he runs Dave Blakney Metal works.

You can reach him at:
‭(781) 932-9454‬ (Mobile)

3 Sullivan St
Woburn MA 01801


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