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FOR SALE: locking hexagonal display case
Parting ways with this lovely locking hexagonal display case since I haven't used it in several years. It has a lot of life left in it despite some scratches on the glass and that of the three locking sliding doors, only two of the locks will open (the third is locked closed, but that worked fine for me because I never needed to open the case from the front). The case is very heavy because of the glass, but it did work well for shows (with another person to help carry) because the black metal stand is not attached so it fit well in my station wagon. 

Measures approx. 43" tall from base bottom to top of case; glass case only is 10" high. Glass case width is approx. 34" from flat side to flat side, and 40" from point to point.

Contactless pickup in Cambridge near Central Sq. $40 obo.

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