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2" Tow Hitch, Brand New & steel receiver for sale
I have a brand new Resse tow hitch for sale, and a tow receiver for Toyota vehicle (RAV4). Both steel. Both were for my old car, but I sold it, before upgrading. Reese is rated for 6000 lbs. They don't fit my new car, so I would like to sell or potentially trade something for them. The inserts are the standard 2" found on a lot of vehicles. Measure or look up in your manual to make sure. The ball on the Resse 1 and 7/8".

Resse is about $31 retail. I will take $15.




Toyota is probably $40 OEM (it *might* be rated higher than 6000 lbs). I will take $20.




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Scott Janousek
Digifab Shop Lead
Still have this. Will be posting on ebay and FB soon.
Scott Janousek
Digifab Shop Lead

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