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Large welded grid layout of metal, approx 10' x 8' (?) needs new owner
I have a large welded grid layout of angle iron (?) (I will measure it soon for exact dimensions). It's over my 100-150 sq/ft space for size comparison. I have been told it is bed frames welding together. This is a legacy (dance?) platform that hung above the ground for the Firefly Festival. I was grandfathered into this structure but don't have a use for it.


I am looking for someone interested in the raw metal, or as is for a structure. This could easily be a strong wall to support art, or its original intended use as a platform to support many hundreds of pounds. I do not know what it is rated at, but probably a dozen people. It is very well welded together and very heavy. I have put many hundreds of pounds on it and been under it ... still alive.

I'd rather have someone be interested in its fabricated state, but if it comes to it, I will be cutting it down to stock.

PM me if interested, and let me know your offer.

That is part of the old 'Ground is Lava' experiential art piece. Several of them were hung at different levels up in some trees and you could hang out up in the trees and/or monkey around up there. Tres PHUN!
Thanks for clarifying details. Does this mean you want it? Wink

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