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Plasma Cut Steel w/ Standoffs?
Heya — I'm wondering if anyone can do a plasma-cut hot-rolled steel for me. I've got a custom logo design and would like to create a placard, mounted on standoffs, ideally with LED strips behind. Here's where I'm at with the project so far:

Project Name: Kin Design Collective — Steel Placard
Budget: ???
Time frame: 1 month

I do not have design files ready to go yet, but can prepare them quickly (I'm a designer). I can provide hot-rolled steel for plasma-cutting.

Project Description:

I want to make a business placard out of a plasma-cut plate of hot-rolled steel. I'm imagining something +/- 16" square, with my company logo cut out of the center. The plate would be mounted on standoffs, ideally with LED strips back-mounted and controlled by a small Pi board. (I can handle the electronics later, I think).

I have experience with CNC workflows (I'm an architect) but haven't plasma cut steel before. I'm wondering if there's someone at Artisan's Asylum who can do this kind of thing!

I have no idea what this kind of work would cost, so I've not included any budget numbers. I can supply the plate steel, but I don't know what thicknesses the plasma cutter can handle either. Basically I just need to have a conversation with someone who knows how to use this tool!

Thanks in advance,

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