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Help Fabricating Simple Shelves

The kind folks at Rockler suggested I reach out.  I am an East Cambridge resident looking for help fabricating some simple shelves.  Perhaps someone here could help me out?  Here are some deets, but I'm obviously happy to have a call to hammer all this out with whomever is interested.  

I have two long planks of 3/4 8" wide poplar.  I need them ripped and crosscut into three shelves:

2x  7" wide x 45" long
1x 7" wide x 78" long

I would also like one corner (which will be the front-right corner) rounded off (with about a 2" radius).  To the extent possible, if we could avoid including the knots in the finished shelves, that'd be great.

I'd also like the shelves sanded (with the edges knocked down) and finished with pre-stain, white gel stain (two coats), and satin top coat (also two coats), all of which I have and can provide.  

In case you're curious, these will ultimately be mounted using cast iron mounting brackets, screwed to studs.

If you're interested, please reach out, either with a quote, or if you need more info, we can just arrange to chat.  Thanks everyone!

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