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Need soldering help for Raspberry Pi project
(10-16-2020, 01:45 PM)AlanKilian Wrote: I am going to be shopping Friday afternoon, so I can do the soldering for you at that time.

If you can let me know in advance precisely when you are going to be there, I'll meet you and do the work.
For COVID-19, I'll ask you to stay outside while I do the work.

Hi Alan - I'll be tied up this afternoon so I just dropped off the parts for you.  Everything is in a small white box with your name on it on the wire shelf just inside the front door.  Please just let me know when your all done - I can swing by early next week to pick up if you leave it on the shelf with my name on it (Cuyler Bryant).

Also, just a reminder to please add an additional solder point to the second HAT to give it a unique I2C address.  (Details on that are linked in the original post.)

Thanks again!

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