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Email Notification for New Posts in Subscribed SubForum?
I'll be the first to ask how to use the new forum, sure.

I would like to have the forum send me an email notification when someone posts a new thread in a sub I follow. So far, I have failed to figure out the settings. I expect others may want to do similarly.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?
Down near the bottom of every thread you can see a button that says "Subscribe to this thread", under the quick reply box.

If you hit the "New Reply" button there is a set of radio buttons at the bottom of the text window, with options to subscribe to the thread or not, and if subscribing how / if they tell you about new replies. 

If you go to the top of each forum area, there are buttons in the red forum title bar to either mark it as "read" or to subscribe to the forum.

Hope this helps,

This works with threads that already exist. I know how to do that.

What I want is to be notified of new threads in e.g. Machine Shop without having to log into the forum every day. How are we supposed to know what's going on in the shops otherwise?
There's a "Subscribe to this forum" button at the top of each forum.
Thanks all. I had that set, and it didn't seem to be working initially. It does now, so I don't know what my problem was.

Now if only there were a verbose mode for the emails; but that's just me whining.

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