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Formatting Guidelines and Rules - Please Read First
The Have it Made forum is a place to where you can post requests and our members can respond to them to help you out with a project you are working on.  Artisan's Asylum does host this forum, but the transactions here are between you and the member you contract.

In addition, for Consistency sake, we ask that you format your posts with the following template to help our members easily scan the requests.

Project Name:
Time frame:
Relevant Shops
Do you have design files (illustrator files, solidworks, etc) ready to go?:
Will you be providing your own materials or will you need materials provided for you.
Project Description and Other Comments

In addition, please respect the price quotes that are offered to you by a member.  Although you are in no way obligated to accept the quote, please refrain from making comments that a quote is too expensive, outlandish, etc.  That being said, it is okay to ask a member to break down the reasoning behind their quote (things like tool use time, setup time, etc) to help you understand the number you're given.

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