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Cruft & For Sale - Raw materials in Spc. 230
Hey Y'all,

I went through all the raw materials I'd squirreled away for various projects, and separated it into 2 piles, a free pile and a pile of materials that all have price tags. Its mostly various plastics (Mostly acrylic of various thickness / colors / light diffusions) and aluminum (long stock of various profiles and smaller sheets).

If you find something you'd like on the for sale cart, you can venmo me at: @mccpie / paypal me at: / DM me a place you squirreled away cash in the space. If you have any questions about the material, reply to this post. If you do end up buying a piece of material, reference the # on it in the purchase notes so I can keep track of what all is left, or DM me a photo. If you find something on the for sale cart without a price / number, send me a message.

All of this is in Space 230, diagonally across from the entrance to the laser shop.

[Image: plCOZPd.jpg]

[Image: zHTiqAI.jpg]

[Image: BFtGuRU.jpg]

- Mac
Quick update - anything left in the space is up for grabs, and will be tossed by the 27th.

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