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CRUFT - Spray Bottles - 6 available

I have accumulated another batch of the white plastic spray bottles that originally contained some stuff I use medically... 

The last batch is in use around AA as dispensers for sanitizing solutions, but Chris tells me that they are all set for current needs, so this batch is generally available...

16oz, w/ trigger sprayer that has stream or mist settings.  Suitable for light liquids such as water, alcohol, cleaning liquids, etc.  Marginally OK for light cutting oils. 

Material appears to be PET.  Originally contained a very low strength buffered hypochlorous acid (think bleach) solution.

In my space in building 8, let me know if you want any.

I request that you remove the labels and mark the bottle with a description of whatever you put in it.  This is generally good practice to avoid accidental use mistakes.


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