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Short Timeline Nylon 3d Printing, $500 Budget
Hi Everyone,

Project Name: Roller Prototype
Budget: $500
Time frame: ready for pickup at Artisans Asylum by 6pm on 12/15
Do you have design files (illustrator files, solidworks, etc) ready to go?: I have an STL file ready (or any other format you need)
Will you be providing your own materials or will you need materials provided for you: I need material. I would like a nylon material, and am open to suggestions. 

Project Description and Other Comments:

This part will bear some load, so I would like it made out of a nylon or stronger material. I would like it printed by SLS or SLA, but am open to suggestions. 

**if anyone can do it by 6pm on 12/16 please let me know, and we can talk about a price for that!**


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Hi Joey,

Not sure if anyone reached out, but we have a Markforged Mark2 in our digifab shop which is capable of printing a composite material called onyx -- which is essentially a micro carbon fiber-filled nylon. Very stiff and strong material. It is black in color. Unfortunately, we don't print straight nylon anymore after we upgraded the machine to onyx. The onyx is way better to print with, though. Members print a lot of mechanical parts on this machine and are almost always happy with the results.

The digifab shop and this printer are available to members who are trained and authorized digifab users at Artisan's Asylum.

I'd be happy to help you evaluate whether this is a suitable machine to print your parts, and can help if you're still looking to facilitate this.

From your drawing, I imagine you need very tolerance and strength. Both of which are achievable on the Mark2. You did not mention the quantity you need. The dimensions you specify are within the build envelope of Mark2. A few of them could fit on a build plate.

Here is info on the onyx material:

Reach out to me if you questions, etc.


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