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Hello hello friends! Artisans is hosting a virtual opening for our first Allston Annex artist in residence. I hope you will join us for this celebration of the completion of member James Dalessandro and collaborator Jason Hasko's 30-day residency and their presentation of work - our first online opening. Total learning experience.

Here are the details:
When: Dec 5, 2020 5:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Passcode: 900250

Watch the stream live on Youtube here:

And a little about the artists:

We are a multidisciplinary duo of an architect and a designer, but we are both artists at heart. Our area of focus is in computational design and algorithmic art. We take inspiration from seemingly disparate sources such as natural phenomena and mathematics: by observing systems that occur all around us, we represent them through rules, systems, and code, and apply them to achieve our design goals.

What results in our work is a combination of coded forms and digital fabrication mixed with a biological familiarity, creating a juxtaposition of technology and nature that inspires feelings of futurism.

As artists and designers, most of our work is purely digital due to the limitations of what we can physically produce, whether that is because of cost or lack of manufacturing opportunity. Because we work primarily in 3D, this doesn’t give us many chances to properly display the work for others to experience it physically. This means a lot of our work is confined to renders, 3D models, or small scale experiments. This residency would be extremely valuable to us as it would allow us to show what we are capable of when given an opportunity to create something from nothing. It would allow us to show off our unique position at the intersection of design, architecture, code, and nature.

Join us for this special presentation of CORALYTE, the culmination of James and Jason's 30-day artist residency at our Holton Street annex.
Congrats to the Emergent Design team James and Jason on your CORALYTE project - wonderful final presentation. Catch the livestream recording here:

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