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2 Plywood Boxes
2 Plywood Boxes
Timeframe: Negotiable - End of December preferable
Relevant Shops: Woodshop

2 rectangular paint grade plywood boxes, 10"D X 12"T X 5'L (estimate), essentially they are cabinet boxes with no backs, they are mounted at the top of a wall at the ceiling so the only areas being seen are the insides, bottoms, and edges.  The edges on the face will need edgebanding to take paint, this can be solid wood glued/nailed on or sick on/iron on as long as it will take paint.  Painting will not be part of the project.

If you want to quite the work as a single job you can have the materials delivered directly to the Asylum or if you want to do hourly, we can agree on a rate and I'll have the materials delivered to the Asylum.

Calling and texting is the easiest way for us to discuss, I can be reached at 617-584-1140, if the job is accepted Ill update the thread to prevent confusion.  Thanks everyone!!!

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