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3D Printing for a good cause. Service dog needs exercise!
I've been trying to find a local 3D Printer who is willing to help me out.

I'm a US Navy veteran, disabled and am trying to get some parts printed so that my service dog can get the exercise she needs. 

I'm living on a shoestring budget and $10-15 is about the most i could spend per pulley assembly (3 pieces that i fasten together). 

 They need to be strong because my service dog is a only 6.5 months and 65# (expected to be 100-115 full grown). She is growing quickly and needs a good 10 miles of exercise a day. Getting these pulleys printed would allow me to get her the exercise she needs.

Here is a link to the STL file.

I spent 3 months working with a guy **(un-named character from Derry, NH) to print them, and he GHOSTED on me a month ago after telling me that they would be done that week.

I'm in Cambridge Massachusetts, I will need at least 2  pulley assemblies, to start, then i can probably buy one more each month until i have 10; and I'm in the unfortunate situation where I could really use them 4 weeks ago.  So I have decided to just go with the open-source  STL file, and search for someone with a printer willing to do some good will for someone who served this Country. The parts just need to be printed. Any color is fine. ABS, PETG, or PLA

I'm hoping to find someone who can guide me through the process and direct me towards the right material and printing format. 


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Hi Mii. I will follow up via direct email.
(12-14-2020, 06:23 PM)scottjanousek Wrote: Hi Mii. I will follow up via direct email.

Thanks for the reply. 
I tried to respond viathe email i got, and it never made it to you 
I just emailed it to you directly, and posted a reply here. I'm not the best at navigating forums from my mobile.
If assistance is still needed I am available.

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