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Lost and Found?
Hello! I'm hoping this is the correct forum, as it was as close I could find to the appropriate one.

Long ago the Asylum had a lost-and-found in the aisle near CNC alley. I believe it was relocated, but I don't know where. Does anyone know?
We need to create one again! What's your top recommendation - a "centralized" lost and found, one in each shop, or go by building? something else?
My general opinion is that we should have a central one for all of AA, since not all L&F items will be found in shops, and if a seeker isn't sure where they lost something it could be a pain for them to have to look in a bunch of scattered locations....

It will also make it easier for deskies to point seekers at a single location....

I'd also point out that there is sort of an informal process where small items of particular value / general desirability are left with the deskie on duty who posts a message to inmates (or now the forum?) about it... Stuff like wallets, car keys, glasses, jewelry, tools of value (like multi-tools / pocket knives) door cards, zombie-phones, etc... (These are all found items I've had given to me as a deskie)


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