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Seeking Help Drilling Holes in Steel Parts
Hello! We are looking for some assistance in drilling holes in steel parts. Project details as follows:

Budget: $600.00 (negotiable) + extra if you can also transport the parts after drilling
Time frame: Completed by end of next week
Relevant Shops: Metal Shop/Drill Press
Do you have design files (illustrator files, solidworks, etc) ready to go?: We will provide drawings with measurements!
Will you be providing your own materials or will you need materials provided for you: We can have steel delivered to Artisan's Asylum

Project Description and Other Comments:

We are seeking someone who would be willing to drill holes in some steel parts for us. There are about 460 total holes to be made in a repetitive set of steel shapes. The shapes include 1" ID steel pipe, .25" thick steel bar, and .25" thick steel angle. The parts will already be cut to length. There are about 180 parts, with 2-4 holes needed in each part. The longest parts are about 7', but most of the parts are shorter and easier to handle. Holes will probably range in size from 1/4" - 3/8". Holes should also be de-burred after drilling.

Please let me know if you need additional information about the details or scope of the project!

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