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Lathe Pro needed for simple(?) job
I am missing the "cross stretcher" for one of my 6 dining room chairs, and would like to create a new part from a piece of maple I will provide. ...Well, two identical new parts, if it's not too much more expensive to create a second. Here's a diagram of a similar chair with parts labeled.


The piece of maple I'll provide has only one dimension correct, so currently it needs two simple table saw cuts to get the length and width right - I can do those cuts myself, if it saves me $.

The real work I need help with is in using a lathe to cut down the two ends of the squared spindle into rounded pegs that will insert into the side stretchers. I will provide an example piece so that precise measurements can be made. Meanwhile, I've attached 2 pictures of the example piece.


Would anyone be interested in this project? It seems straightforward enough to me; I'd do it myself, but I don't have access to (or training with) a lathe.

Thank you!

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Lathe Pro needed for simple(?) job - by jlachapelle9 - 10-30-2020, 09:18 PM

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