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Dining Table convert to Coffee Table

I was interested in getting my dining table converted into a coffee table. Please find details of my requirements below. Thank you!

Project Name: Dining Table convert to Coffee Table
Budget: for tools and labor
Time frame: In the next couple of weeks ideally
Relevant Shops: Wood shop
Do you have design files (illustrator files, solidworks, etc) ready to go?: Not required. I will provide the legs disassembled. I only need them cut with a mitre saw.
Materials: I will provide the legs of the table disassembled. You will receive four legs. The legs are about 41" in length.
Description: I have a dining table which we almost never use. I would like to shorten it's height to convert it into a coffee table for the living room. I've attached a picture of the table for reference. The tabletop is 36"x36" and the legs, excluding the thickness of the top are approx 41". I would like to shorten the legs to coffee table height, which could also potentially serve as an ottoman by putting on a flat floor cushion. As such, I was thinking o shortening the legs to 16" or 17". The portion of the legs to be discarded is the lower portion. Please find the image attached as a reference for the table.

Thank you!

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