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Free stuff... - ART - 01-17-2021

I put an aluminum splint and an old 'turn your tub into a spa' kit in the Anti-Social area, next to the cruft paint...

I could imagine the splint being possible raw material for cos-play, (armor?) or ????

The spa thing I'd expect the blower head to be the most useful part, as it would be a good source of low pressure / high volume air...  I picked it up at a yard sale years ago when we still had a bathtub in our house, and found that it didn't work all that well as a 'spa'... The parts that went into the tub would fill w/ air when you turned the blower on and float up, pushing the user out of the water.... 

If the stuff doesn't get grabbed in a few days I will toss it - if it is in the way feel free to toss it if needed.