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Hi - seems like most folks already know me, so intros seem a bit of a waste... 

I'm the one buzzing around in a power chair, if you see me say Hi...

Delighted to see the move to a forum and replacing the lists...

Hairy guy with a wheelchair, find me in Bldg 8 if I'm around. 

Just when I stopped asking for an alternative to the email lists...

I'm an architect.
Wood Shop

[edit]: I've been with the Artisan's Asylum since maybe 2011... at least 2012.
Hello, I am a brand new day pass user learning basic woodworking. Looking forward to learning from others at A2, and teaching what I can.

Ask me questions about: electronics, radios, software, biking, hiking, climbing.

Hello, Just a voice from the past. Was a deskie until about 5 years ago. I may yet return, once the isolation is past.

Builder of strange machines. Junkyard Wars veteran. Been fooling with machine tools for over half a century, might have a trick or two for that problem you have, feel free to ask.
Ah, I was looking for a way to say hello...

I'm Ten! I like to make miniatures, customize model kits/figurines, and fool around with resin.

It's nice to meet you all!

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