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How to reply to a thread???

I'm surprised I can't figure this out - but how do I reply to a thread on here? I can't find any text entry box or button that is for replying. Do I have to get a badge from a moderator or something?


Ok, some threads have replying enabled, and some don't. It's not transparent to me why - do I have to join particular forums? Some threads have replying closed?
Post a link to a thread that doesn't show a "Reply" box and I'll take a look.
Sometimes threads are closed by the moderator because of various reasons, they may be things like rules on a given area that don't need to be discussed in that thread, it may be a thread that is 'overheated' (though I haven't seen that here so far)

Generally Forum memberships are required, but since you posted and said that you have reply privileges in some areas, that doesn't sound like a problem...  Are you an AA monthly member?  I think some areas are restricted to AA members.

I believe the "have-it-made" area has been closed because the folks that take on jobs wanted to stick with the old forums, so if that is the area you have problems with, that is why.


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